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30 May 2017
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30 May 2017, Comments 0

A thought occurred to me recently, about something which I think is minimised in my profession. My thought was this:

therapy can literally change who you are.

Maybe, this is no big revelation for you. In which case – high five to you! But, I believe I am just beginning to really realise that therapy has the ability to change not only your future, but also your past. It is possible to literally re-write your history.

Now, this may be a very uninviting prospect for some people, whilst for others it may be the beginning of the end of a lifetime of anxiety, depression and despair. But either way it is absolutely possible for individuals to have their experiences and beliefs re-framed in such a way that they are able to see themselves through different eyes. So for those people who have carried around a perception of themselves as damaged, unlovable, toxic (or any other combination of negative adjectives) this is a message of hope.

All that therapy will ask of you, is that you become willing to accept the possibility of an alternative perception of yourself.

So, what if… what you thought you knew about yourself was not the whole picture

What if… you’re not unlovable after all

What if… what happened to you was not your fault

What if… just because you have behaved in way which wasn’t great, you’re not a bad person

What if… you might make a great mum/dad/teacher/therapist after all

What if… you’re not stupid/ugly/worthless

Interesting thought isn’t it; that some of your core beliefs about yourself might be wrong?¬†That those limiting, negative beliefs which you are convinced about, could be incorrect. And you may just need some help re-framing your experiences and opinions of yourself.

Wow! What a thought!




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