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11 December 2017
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11 December 2017, Comments 0

I felt compelled to write this post since embarking on a course of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

After initially seeking advice for a skin complaint, I was asked by the Chinese Herbalist how well I thought my digestive system was working. She could tell that things were not great and recommended some treatment, she also advised me to stop drinking cold drinks and to try and eat more hot food.

Since starting the treatment I have realised that my body is not keen on cold foods or drinks. They really don’t agree with me too well. Admittedly this could be to do with the weather, however it got me thinking about how well I listen to my body.

Now obviously there are some signals from our bodies which we ignore at our peril, such as when we need to eat, drink, go to the toilet etc… but there are also more subtle messages which I have discovered when I slow down enough to hear them.

Recently these messages have included my body’s request for more:

hot food

ginger tea

muscle stretching

dry body-brushing my skin

warm baths

And less:

outdoor running

central heating

looking at my phone


I am beginning to really trust my body’s ability to tell me what I need and am trying hard to tune-in to those needs. Maybe you could try it and see what happens?

Although I have a word of advice – if your body is constantly telling you it needs chocolate or ice-cream, you may want to wonder what you are really craving? Perhaps the answer could be better self-care / nurturing or warmth and comfort? So instead of reaching for the biscuit tin maybe put on some comfy clothes, have a cup of herbal tea and cuddle up to the dog ♥



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