Connection (Part 2)

11 June 2017
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11 June 2017, Comments 0

Connecting with others is such a fundamental idea when considering our mental health. 

Whilst recently reading  my previous post: I felt the need to further expand this idea of ‘connection’.

The question in my mind was ‘why is connection so important to us as individuals?’.

I have resisted the temptation to google this question and quote lots of research because, as informative as this may be, I find that picking my own brain about a question is much more satisfying.

So… what is the answer?

Well, having picked said brain, I came up with the following theory that; human beings are essentially ‘pack’ animals and as such, we thrive in groups because:

  • connecting with others allows us to feel part of a collective whole and therefore much safer
  • knowing that someone else feels scared of / angry about / touched by similar things can reduce anxiety and feel comforting
  • we are more likely to get what we need to survive in a group of people than alone – eg care, food, love
  • consulting with others helps us to figure out things we don’t understand on our own
  • working as a team can be more effective and powerful than working alone


These basic ideas about why groups can be more powerful than individuals really highlights to me the need to be in connection with others;

We feel safer, less anxious, supported, informed, effective and powerful, on a very fundamental level.

So, it makes sense that, when isolated, our psyche knows that we are more vulnerable, less powerful and more at-risk. Hence why our mental health suffers.

Phew! I’m glad I took the time to mull this over this question, as it seems so obvious to me that it is true, but I guess I wanted to explore why.

If you don’t agree or, would like to add to this article, please feel free to comment. Make a connection!




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