Cocaine: how do I know if I'm an addict or just a heavy user?

13 November 2016
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13 November 2016, Comments 1

So, this is a question many people ask themselves, and there are some tell-tale signs that might help you get to the answer.

Ask yourself these five questions:

  1. Do you think about cocaine A LOT when you’re not using it? Perhaps you fantasize about the next time you are going to use cocaine, or plan when you can create an opportunity to use.
  2. Do you find that once you start using cocaine, you find it very difficult to stop? Maybe you regularly use more than you intend to, or you often find yourself phoning the dealer when you run out, instead of just stopping?
  3. Are you often the one who can’t stop ‘partying’ at the end of the night? Perhaps you find that you you are usually the person who wants to get more coke, or carry on partying when everyone else has had enough?
  4. Do you feel guilt, shame or remorse the next day after using cocaine? Maybe you find it difficult to accept your cocaine use, or you feel shameful about the amount you use, or spend on cocaine.
  5. Have you EVER had a health-scare because of cocaine, but have carried on using anyway. So, you may have ended up at A&E thinking you’re having a heart-attack, or actually been diagnosed with something due to cocaine use, but it wasn’t enough to stop you from using altogether.

If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions, you may want to think about getting some help or advice about your cocaine use. It is possible that you are just a heavy user and can quit on your own, or you may have an addiction which you will find almost impossible to address without help of some sort.

There is no shame in having an addiction. We who have an addictive nature did not ask to be this way. Don’t suffer in silence .

It’s good to talk.



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