Body... meet mind. Mind... meet spirit. Spirit... meet soul.

29 August 2017
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29 August 2017, Comments 0

I have been playing around with the idea in my head about what makes up a human being. I’m sure this is by no means an original idea, but the more I think about it, and the more work I do with clients, the more it seems to make sense to me.

So, this is my theory:

MIND – childish, erratic, eager to please, 100 miles an hour, exhausting.

BODY – diligent, hard-working, a vast team working together to keep things running.

SPIRIT – flighty, a day-dreamer, ethereal, connected to the universe, optimistic.

SOUL – worldly-wise, centred, old, calming, reliable.

I also believe that we all possess all of these parts and we have a choice as to which part of us we choose to identify with most. Now I know that I identify with my MIND a lot of the time. I think think think and analyse everything to the nth degree. I lay awake at night going through imaginary scenarios in my head, wondering how I would deal with them.

But… when I access my SOUL – it usually calms me down, allows me to BREATHE and get things into perspective. My SOUL knows that everything will be ok. I just have to trust it.

My SPIRIT is the part of me that comes alive in nature. I feel connected and energized. I become aware of my surroundings, the beauty of the world and sure of my place in it. I see the wonder in everyday things and appreciate the delight in just being alive.

My BODY I take for granted a lot of the time. I forget that it is working hard 100% of the time. I forget that I must cherish and look after it, thank it for working tirelessly for me. I forget that I must reward my amazing body with nourishment, sleep, rest, water and exercise. I MUST stop endlessly criticizing it’s shape and size.

Since becoming more aware of the different parts of ME, I have been working on soothing my chattering, restless MIND by calming it’s endless attempts to please me. And it has definitely helped. By seeing my MIND as a small child who simply wants to get my attention, I am able to be kind to that part of myself and offer it some solace. Usually in the form of some meditation courtesy of my SOUL.



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