About Me


My name is Laura Drane and I have a Master’s Degree in Contemporary Therapeutic Counselling from The University of Hertfordshire.

In addition to my private practice I also work as a Sessional Therapist for The Nightingale Hospital, Marylebone and The Living Room, Stevenage.

I have worked as a Therapist since 2012 and have experience working with many psychological and emotional issues, such as:

  • childhood trauma and abuse
  • depression and anxiety
  • relationship issues
  • low self-esteem
  • obsessive and compulsive behaviours and thoughts

I also have specialist experience and understanding of the challenges facing people who have issues with addictive behaviours and substances. 

I work with all types of addictions from drugs and alcohol to gambling, eating disorders and sex, love & relationship addiction.

Sex and Love Addiction may sound scary, but it can be an explanation for the following behaviours:

* Being unable to break free from abusive relationships
* Returning to abusive relationships
* An inability to remain faithful in relationships
* Displaying threatening or abusive behaviour
* Avoidance of commitment in relationships
* Compulsive sexual activities including the use of pornography

I have a profound understanding of the link between shame and Sex and Love Addiction and work safely and confidentially with clients to explore and work through this shame.

Training, qualifications & experience

MA in Contemporary Therapeutic Counselling
Certificate of Higher Education in Counselling
Introduction to Counselling
BACP – Working with Obesity – Looking at Food Addiction & Binge Eating Disorder
Transformational Chairwork – Dr Scott Kellogg
Stop Smoking – Level 2 Intermediate – Smokefree Hertfordshire
Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults
Working with Narcissistic Personality Disorder – Julia Buckroyd
Love in The Time of The Internet (Internet & Sex Addiction) – The Wimbledon Guild
Projective Identification in Practice – WPF
The Link Between Rage & Shame – Sue Parker-Hall
Safeguarding Children

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