10 signs that your relationship may be toxic

26 October 2016
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26 October 2016, Comments 3

Sex & Love addiction is alive and kicking, but often goes un-diagnosed.

Repetition of abusive relationships (a common symptom of Sex &¬†love addiction) may be written off as merely ‘bad luck in relationships’ or as ‘just being attracted to bad-boys or bad-girls’.

HOWEVER if you repeatedly find yourself in abusive partnerships, or feel terminally unfulfilled by your romantic relationships – you MAY be experiencing the symptoms of Sex & Love addiction.

Here are my TOP TEN signs that your relationship may be toxic – if you tick more than a couple, you may want to consider whether you are addicted to UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS & perhaps suffering from Sex & Love addiction:

  1. You have a history of breaking up and making up with the same partner
  2. You can’t imagine your relationship without sex, not even for 30 days
  3. There has EVER been an incident of domestic violence
  4. Your friends are sick of hearing you moan about your relationship & do nothing about it
  5. You’ve considered having a baby to keep him/her
  6. You regularly feel compelled to check your partner’s phone/email/Facebook etc
  7. You feel jealous of his/her children/ex/friends/colleagues
  8. You often feel smothered by the relationship but unable to put in boundaries
  9. You have changed your physical appearance due to pressure from your partner
  10. You are unable to stay faithful



If this list is ringing alarm-bells in your head, please contact me for some advice and/or an assessment for therapy with me.

Remember… it’s good to talk.

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  1. With thanks! Valuable information!

  2. With thanks! Valuable information!

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    With thanks! Valuable information!

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